January 26, 2017
Shortly after completing the prototype I realized that the way that Unity simulates drag isn’t suitable for racing games. Unity’s drag is linear, but real aerodynamic drag is quadratic. This means that in Unity, doubling a car’s velocity only subjects it to twice as much force from drag, but in real life doubling a car’s velocity quadruples the amount of force. This is an incredibly important force for real cars, so it should be for hover cars as well.
January 20, 2017
I really like racing games. I used to spend a lot of time playing racing sims like Grand Prix Legends. I’m a huge fan of Wipeout. And I have a deep, irrational sense of affection for the Shutoku Battle series. I also like to play around with game development in my spare time, but have never really settled on a project. So, early last year I built a prototype for a racing game (using Unity) that combines my love of complex car physics, a sci-fi aesthetic, and flawed but charming Japanese racing games from the Dreamcast era.